Current Daley : 15min

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{f1}Time;;;{f1}Event;;;{f1}Status;;;{f1}Resp.  person;;;{f1}Reamarks;nn;
9-10;;;speech 1;;;2 min delayed;;;Person 1;;; May need to cancel put the next award giving after the next dance;nn;
11-12;;;speech 2;;;3 min saved;;;Mr. xxx;;;Good;nn;
12-13;;;speech 3;;;10 min delayed;;;Mr. xx;;;They wasted lot of time;nn;
14-15;;;dance;;; ;;;person 4;;;{f1}Hacitha please bring them to stage;nn;

Contact Hacitha: 090xxxxxxxx

Announcements :

Mr. XXXX where are you ? Please contact Mr.xx ASAP
Nest event is Awurud kumari are you ready Mr. xxxx ?

Urgent :: A Dancer injured (10.30 am) Mr.. contact the Ambulance

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{f1}Legend;;; ;;; ;nn;
;;;Finished;;; ;nn;
;;;Ongoing;;; ;nn;
;;;Remainig Events;;; ;nn;